April 2020 Quebec Diocesan Gazette

The April 2020 issue of the Quebec Diocesan Gazette is now available. Download it here.
In this issue:
  • A moving reflection by Rev. Francie Keats (Lower North Shore) on the miraculous love of organ donation.
  • A theological reflection on the empty tomb from Ven. Dr. Edward Simonton OGS, Vicar General
  • In Focus: Gaspé & Magdalen Islands: Rev. Cynthia Patterson on mental health issues; Hospitality, memory and seafarers, by the Rev. Joshua Paetkau.
  • Louisa Blair offers an addition to mealtime grace to help us remember injustices that occur from farm to fork.
  • Should we give up the Gazette? A question pondered by the Diocese in the year 1920; events re-told in Gleanings.
  • Vestry letter from Bishop Bruce Myers
  • Rev. Guiseppe Gagliano fills in for the Bishop with an Eastertide reflection.
  •  Notices, details of a community celebration, and more
Download the April 2020 issue here!
Easter Pastoral Letter
COVID-19 and weddings