November 2019 Quebec Diocesan Gazette

The November 2019 issue of the Quebec Diocesan Gazette is now online. Download the November 2019 issue here.
In this issue:
  • Canon Stephen Kohner, secretary of Synod, offers an overview of the Diocese of Quebec's upcoming Synod, including format and structural changes.
  • Bishop Bruce Myers reflects on a recent trip to Scotland—where a small church thrives in a large diocese.
  • Louisa Blair considers the relationship of the physical world to the spiritual one.
  • Cathedral Dean Christian Schreiner shares details of his carpentry-focused sabbatical.
  • Diocesan Historian Meb Resiner Wright looks back to 1919's synodical gathering.
  • Updates from the Deanery of St Francis, snapshots, and more.
Voting by faith
Finding the good in the small