Approved Synod Motions
Main motions approved at the 85th Ordinary Session of the Synod of the Diocese of Quebec, November 21-24, 2019.
  • Election of Dr. Sean Otto as diocesan registrar
  • Election of Dale Keats as Assistant Secretary of Synod
  • Motion: Canonical amendment #1: Canon 1: Definitions and Interpretations
  • Motion: Canonical Amendment #2: Appendix C: Re-name it as Canon 33
  • Motion: Canonical Amendment #3: Canon 3, article 3 to read: The current provincial Canon referred to in article 1 shall be published as part of the Quebec Diocesan Canons as Canon 33.
  • Motion: Canonical Amendment #4: Appendix A, article 6 to read: Following the election of officers, if that was necessary, the Synod shall recognize and grant Privileges of the House to others at this time or as required at any time during any sitting of Synod.
  • Motion: Canonical Amendment #5: Canon 14: Archdeaconries and Deaneries, article 4. B.iii.c) to read: an elected lay person from a Parish where the person who attended Synod as the lay delegate from that Parish has resigned, died, has formally become a member of another vestry within the diocese or has moved their permanent residence outside the boundaries of the diocese of Quebec.
  • Motion: Canonical Amendment #6: Canon 14: Archdeaconries and Deaneries article 4. H., at the end of the text, to read: Add the following to end of text: … if this person has not been duly replaced.
  • Motion: Canonical Amendment #7: Canon 23, article 3: to amend the first sentence to read: Not later than April 15th of every year and not later than September 15th of every year for summer congregations, the Corporation of each Parish shall submit to Synod, through the Diocesan Office, a report on the full operation of the Parish and the election of Parish officers.
  • Motion: Canonical Amendment #8: Canon 26, article 4: to amend the date of March 15th to April 15th.
  • Motion: Canonical Amendment #9: Canon 15, article 12: Deputy Church-wardens must be 18 years of age.
  • Motion: Canonical Amendment #10: to replace the term “Executive Archdeacon” with “Vicar General”.
  • Motion: Canonical Amendment #11: Appendix A, article 5.C. to read: The office holders so elected will be appointed to the office immediately upon election in the case of a vacancy or up to three months following the prorogation of Synod in the case of a holder elected to replace either the Secretary or the Assistant Secretary who has filled the maximum term.
  • Motion: Canonical Amendment #12: Canon 5, article 4: Remove the phrase, “...and to belong to no other religious denomination…”.
  • Motion: Synod charge the DEC to critically examine, review and edit the Constitution and Canons of this diocese in order to propose amendments to the next Ordinary Session of the Synod of Quebec.
  • Motion: that this Synod increase the amount allocated to The Anglican Foundation to$500 in the proposed 2020 and 2021 Synod budget. Furthermore, Synod approves the amended 2020 and 2021 budget.
  • Motion: to approve the election results of the Cathedral Centenary Endowment Fund, General Synod Lay and Clerical delegates, Provincial Synod Lay and Clerical delegates, the Diocesan Executive Council and alternates, Board of Triers
  • Motion: that the diocesan Registrar request that those presiding at burials record the specific location of each burial when possible.
  • Motion: that this Synod extend its gratitude to the Quebec City Pastoral Team for all of its prompt, faithful and loving responses to the care of people from the regions.
  • Motion: that the rules of order of this Synod be temporarily suspended in order to conduct a secret ballot on the motion dealing with same-sex marriage.
  • Motion: that the Synod of the Diocese of Quebec, meeting in Quebec City from November 21 to November 24, 2019, request that the Bishop of Quebec authorize the solemnization of the marriage of same-sex couples in the Diocese of Quebec.
    • Vote results: 37 in favour / 6 opposed
Budget Documents
Deanery Budget
Operating Budget

Election Results

1. Registrar:

  • Dr. Sean Otto (acclaimed)

2. Assistant Secretary of Synod:

  • Dale Keats (acclaimed)

3. Delegates to Provincial Synod (2 lay/2 cleric required + alternates):

  • Lay: Dale Keats; Ruth Sheeran; Samuel Sinayigaye (alternate)
  • Clerical: The Rev. Francie Keats; The Rev. Joshua Paetkau;
  • Youth: -

4. Delegates to General Synod (2 lay/2 cleric required + alternates):

  • Lay: Candace Aitkens; Stephen Kohner; Sean Otto (alternate)
  • Clerical: The Rev. Canon Giuseppe Gagliano; The Rev. Canon Jeffrey Metcalfe; The Rev. Joshua Paetkau (alternate)
  • Youth: Spencer Nadeau (acclaimed)

5. DEC: (2 from each deanery/region; no more than 1/3 of the total may be clerics)

  • Gaspé: Candace Aitkens; Bethany Fehr Paektau; Margaret Ann Mauger (alternate)
  •  North Shore: Dale Keats; Jody Lessard; The Rev. Francie Keats (alternate)
  • St. Francis: Ruth Sheeran; The Ven. Dr. Edward Simonton; Sam Borsman (alternate)
  • St-Laurent: Samuel Sinayigaye; Le Vénérable Pierre Voyer; Jean Thivièrge (alternate)
  • Quebec: Anne Chapman; The Very Rev. Christian Schreiner; Louisa Blair (alternate)
  • Kawawachikamach: Susan Nabinicaboo; Robert Swappie; The Rev. Silas Nabinicaboo (alternate)

6. Lay member of the Cathedral Centenary Fund

  • Anne Chapman

7. Board of Triers (alphabetical order)

  • The Rev. Canon Giuseppe Gagliano; The Rev. Francie Keats;
  • The Rev. Canon Jeffrey Metcalfe; The Rev. Cynthia Patterson; Le Vén. Pierre Voyer


Synod agenda
(v.5, updated 21 Nov. 2019)

Sexual Misconduct (Safe Church) Policy
Creating a Safe Church
Pour une Église sécuritaire


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Proposed canonical amendments

Modifications proposées aux Canons
2015 Synod Journal

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Constitution & Canons - Appendix A
Constitution & Canons - Appendix B
Reports to Synod
(updated 21 Nov. 2019)

List of delegates
Following voting as per DEC resolution 18-41 and Diocesan Canon 5, the following people have been duly elected as delegates to the 85th Ordinary Session of the Synod of the Diocese of Quebec to be held on November 21-24, 2019:

Lay Delegates

North Shore Deanery
Keats, Dale
Lessard, Jody
Spingle, Mary

Gaspé Deanery
Aitkens, Candace
Berchervaise, Lynden
Harvey, Janet
Howell, Sharon
Major, Margaret Ann
Marroguin, Maria
Paetkau, Bethany Fehr

St Francis Deanery
Bishop, Jane
Borsman, Sam
Gordon, Lorna
Hoy, Linda
Mastine, Marilyn
Nadeau, Spencer (youth)
Nixon, Donald
Rassmussen, John
Sheeran, Ruth

Quebec Deanery
Blair, Louisa
Chapman, Anne
Croteau, Samuel
Demers, Lucas (youth)
Garon, Marie
Reeve, Andrew
Reisner Wright, Meb

Doyenné du St-Laurent
Sinayigaye, Samuel
Thivièrge, Jean

Region of St. John, Kawawachikamach
Nabinicaboo, Susan
Swappie, Robert

Clergy Delegates

Dymond, The Rev. Jesse
Gagliano, The Rev. Canon Giuseppe
Keats, The Rev. Francie
Metcalfe, Rev. Canon Jeffrey
Nabinicaboo, The Rev. Silas
Patterson, The Rev. Cynthia
Paetkau, The Rev. Joshua
Schreiner, The Very Rev. Christian
Simonton, The Ven. Dr. Edward
Voyer, The Ven. Pierre